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AKCIÓ! Goya Banzai 11 Iris 6.0 (2024)

AKCIÓ! Goya Banzai 11 Iris 6.0 (2024)
AKCIÓ! Goya Banzai 11 Iris 6.0 (2024)
Developed in collaboration with Goya Windsurfing top team rider champions Marcilio Browne and Kai Lenny, the Banzai Pro is our worldwide wave sail. Outstanding power is paired with excellent control.

The 2022/23 model features an improved flex feel throughout the entire size range, well balanced for maneuver style riding, with an extra bit of power available off the backhand at all times, for really loading up into big maneuvers or just for a burst of speed.

Unique to the Banzai Pro design concept is the back-hand throttle control. The sail pulls forward from “low RPMs” and is very balanced, but there is always a little “extra” available off the back hand for when you really need to juice up into a jump or maneuver. This tactile back-hand feel gives you a direct connection to how the sail is loading and releasing and allows you stay connected throughout your maneuvers.

The Banzai Pro is simple to rig, yet highly tunable to rider style and preference. Its Poly Clew out-haul system, offering a high and a low boom attachment ring, in particular expands the wind range of this bestseller even more. The Banzai Pro is the answer and solution to all demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control. Its adaptability is unparalleled.

Developed from years of focused collaboration with the team and a worldwide following, the work continues.

Quality features such as folded edges and leech protection against fraying remain alive and well even in the context of the sail’s most massive weight drop to date.

The Banzai Pro window material is Bi-Ply film. A massive step up from mono film, Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film, lasting about 3x longer than mono film. It is UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases. Endlessly supple when unrolling your sail, and endlessly valuable when falling and not breaking it.

The yellow sail is Marcilio Browne’s personal Pro Model.

The Banzai X Pro has the same quality window film as the regular Banzai Pro, equally UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases, with the addition of ultra strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance in the rare occasion you pinch its outstanding base film. The Banzai X Pro is the go-to worldwide wave sail for our top riders Levi Siver in the Pacific Ocean and Loick Lesauvage in the Mediterranean Sea, demanding ultimate strength in challenging conditions.

All other performance features of the Banzai X Pro are identical to the Banzai Pro.

The blue sail is Levi Siver’s personal Pro Model.

SIze (m2) / Mast (cm) / Boom (cm)
3.15 / 332 vario / 140
3.4 / 347 vario / 142
3.7 / 361 vario / 146
4.0 / 370 / 150
4.2 / 379 / 152
4.5 / 393 / 155
4.7 / 400 / 158
5.0 / 414 / 161
5.3 / 426 / 165
5.5 / 430 / 170
5.7 / 440 / 173
6.0 / 453 / 176
6.3 / 457 / 179
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